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I am exploring natural simulations, terrain generators, evolutionary and genetic algorithms as starting points for interactive or gaming experiences. Here are a few images that have come out of my early programming work on the project:

In all stages of this project’s development, I believe it will be important to consistently reconcile the visual and conceptual elements to one another. I am hoping to strike a delicate balance between a light-hearted, playful tone found in Disney or Pixar animated films and the understated presentation of natural wonder that can be found in few good nature documentaries. At the same time, I am building the system as an interactive one. For this purpose, I am looking to the books Theory of Games and Economic Behavior by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern and Evolution and the Theory of Games by John Maynard Smith. Through these books, I am exploring how concepts of evolutionarily stable systems could be applied to the gameplay mechanics of my project. A few more visual and conceptual influences are depicted here:

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